High Rate of Unemployment in the Midst of Unfilled Vacancies!

By J. B. Fagoyinbo

Dedication is Essential to Skill Acquisition
Dedication is Essential to Skill Acquisition

Paradox! You’ll say. But it’s true.

Get to most ICT concerns and you’ll experience what I mean. Unfilled vacancies! I know of a young man who suspended his study for a full year because he had a project to attend to and spent another year trying to get skilled support to handle the project to enable him to go back to complete his studies.

Very many engineering-based industries are lacking in staff simply because the ones looking for the jobs are not skilled.

Why this problem?

Many students don’t want to learn anymore; they spend their times in cultism, partying and courting. They think it is unnecessary to waste their times studying.

As an external examiner to a polytechnic, I discovered two students carrying out analytical projects had no data in their reports. I wondered why they were presented for assessment. I insisted that they should, at least, obtain relevant data before any concession could be made. Four weeks later one of them came to my place of work offering me gifts to clear him. I was able to clear him away from pestering me only when I conceded with an outrageous price “Everybody has a price. My price is non-negotiable as a leak can get me out of my job. Your offer must get me a 3-bedroom to taste and a Toyota Camry.”

Some fifteen years later I met his colleague, a lady, who appreciated what I did. “Oga, that suspension of my graduation made me recognize the need for data in project handling. I became more effective in assignments given to me.”

Engineering studies provide a high level of exposure through laboratories, workshop practice and industrial training scheme.  A student has to yield to learning through these media to acquire the necessary skills that’ll enable him to succeed in getting employed.

Best of luck.

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