By J. B. Fagoyinbo

Military Cadets in Practical Session

In an earlier article, http://motresource.com/2016/02/11/high-rate-of-unemployment-in-the-midst-of-unfilled-vacancies/  you’ll find out that there is a high volume of unfilled vacancies in the midst of gross unemployment. In this s article, you’ll discover how you can make yourself employable. You’ll have to bear with me because the article will be a bit lengthy.

Your technical institution has put in place acceptable curricula, experienced teaching and technical staff, adequate and well-equipped laboratories and workshop, supervised Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme and a fool proof admission policy that ensures that you have the prerequisite qualifications before being offered admission.

I’ll start the discussion from the admission point; believing that you have the prerequisites. Any student who obtained the prerequisites on merit will definitely graduate. There may be one or, at most, two years of setback resulting from the fact that most engineering aspirants are not fully aware of the need for such courses as economics, management, environmental planning and management and other essential social studies relating to your chosen branch of engineering.

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